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......@@ -30,4 +30,3 @@ You build the entirety of PALISADE by running make. There are various command li
* BINDIR=directory builds the library with a different target directory
* BACKEND=n builds the library with MATHBACKEND set to n (you may want to touch the src/core/lib/math/backend.h file to force the build)
* COVERAGE=any builds the library with coverage testing enabled
* OMP=n builds the library with OMP flag set to n; currently n can be any value; turns on loop parallelization for the Matrix class in src/core/lib/math; additional levels of parallelization will be added in the future.
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10/17/2018: PALISADE v1.3.0 is released
* Added support for the security levels/tables specified by the security standard to all variants of the BFV scheme
* Optimized the packed encoding (batching)
* Simplified the signatures of classes and methods at multiple layers
* Fixed bugs that were brought to our attention
6/15/2018: PALISADE v1.2 is released
PALISADE v1.2 provides several important advancements and improvements to the library. Most notably, we provide:
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