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    Upgrade Pelican template to version 4.0.1 · af3ef3f7
    David Alfonso authored
    - Add new auto-generated (tasks.py) scripts and remove obsolete ones
    (fabfile.py and develop_server.sh).
    - Slug-related settings in 4.0+ use {slug} and/or {lang} rather than %s.
    - Use Python3 instead of Python2, preparing for Pelican dropping Python
    2 support.
    - Follow GitLab CI docs recommendation to use stage and only.
    - Select defaults on pelican-quickstart, which removes FTP, SSH, S3,
    Dropbox and GitHub Pages support from Makefile. This makes sense as this
    is a template for GitLab Pages.
    - New "test" stage for GitLab CI which tests website generation on
    branches only.
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