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......@@ -68,6 +68,18 @@ project's **Settings**.
Read more about [user/group Pages][userpages] and [project Pages][projpages].
## Using a different branch
If you keep code on the `master` branch and want the website on a different one,
for example a `blog` branch, then you must make the corresponding change
on the `pages` job on the `.gitlab-ci.yml` file.
- blog
## Did you fork this project?
If you forked this project for your own use, please go to your project's
......@@ -82,6 +94,39 @@ unless you want to contribute back to the upstream project.
your static generator has a configuration option that needs to be explicitly
set in order to serve static assets under a relative URL.
1. Building passes but deploy stage fails.
Nikola's default configuration will by build the site on the `output` directory,
but Gitlab expects it on `public`. So you must change
`OUTPUT_FOLDER = "public"` on `` or deploying will fail.
Alternatively, you can add `mv output public` on the `.gitlab-ci.yml` file
after the `nikola build` line.
If you cloned this project as starting point, then `` is already updated.
1. I get a strange lexer exception
![Build fails](
You are likely using extensions not enabled by the `paddyhack/nikola`.
For example, if your site has Ipython/Jupyter posts
(that is, `.ipynb` format via `POSTS` or `PAGES` on `` )
Gitlab build won't be able to compile them, even if you locally can.
The `paddyhack/nikola` image has the full `nikola[extras]` but not
additional software (like ipython, pandoc, latex, or any software you may
have in your local system).
The fix is to install any extra needed software before building.
In the case of `.ipynb` support, edit the `.gitlab-ci.yml` file and change
- pip3 install jupyter
- nikola build
Forked from @sukiletxe
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