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      Use an updated version of ruby · a946bd85
      Dennis Lee authored and Achilleas Pipinellis (OOO | back on july 25th)'s avatar Achilleas Pipinellis (OOO | back on july 25th) committed
      With this configuration, it always uses an updated version of ruby and bundler
      is the one which manages version of the dependencies, hence working in all
      environments. Before, dependencies could not be satisfied in updated
      environments because of bundler being too new.
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      Update .gitlab-ci.yml and README.md to specify production Jekyll configuration · f2989df3
      Adam Voss authored
      If a user is using GitLab Pages it is most likely the user is using GitLab pages to publish a website not just stage a website that is published elsewhere.  If a user is publishing a website with Jekyll, they (and Jekyll themes/plugins) will expect that JEKYLL_ENV=production.  This commit provides that specification in `.gitlab-ci.yml`.
      An examination of the existing repository showed this should not result in any change to the current rendering of the website.  However, the specification may be important for developers as explained in preceding commit.
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