1. 10 Apr, 2021 2 commits
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      Simplify report evaluation section · 52c193be
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      Try to trim down presentation times · 3e298ed2
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      I've been running over time during the presentation of key material
      pretty consistently over the last 4-6 months. This change is me trying
      to trim down material that is more "advanced" and clarify material for a
      more beginner audience.
       - Remove slide on incident responder bias - it's vague and gets into
         documentation topics like how to write a neutral incident report
       - Expand on microaggression types with generic examples that apply to
         all online communities and events
       - Remove information about escrow reports - people usually have a lot
         of questions about how to handle escrow reports. That's good,
         because it's a very complicated and tricky thing to do well, but it
         means escrow reports shouldn't be mentioned in an introductory session.
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      Use new QUEST acronym for reporter template · 3f7bd8cc
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      I've gotten feedback from several workshop attendees that I need to go
      over the report template before they practice taking a report. In
      putting that into the slides, I realized the LASER acronym is not really
      working well.
      The first parts, listen and acknowledge emotions were fine. I wanted to
      talk about getting help in an unsafe situation sooner. Ensuring people
      are safe is important for the conversation with the reporter. The
      "report" or "respond" bit didn't really work, since that's skipping
      ahead in the material. I also had a lot of important material around the
      acronym that didn't fit, like taking the person to a quiet place,
      evaluating reporter privacy, etc.
      The new acronym is "QUEST", and it encompasses the information that
      didn't fit into the previous acronym, and drops the unimportant bits.
      Listening is still very important, but that's something I think people
      will understand?
      I'll try this out at my next workshop, and see how it goes.
      Additionally, I modified the privacy slide to include the option of
      telling the reported person that a witness overheard the conversation or
      saw the incident, rather than the person involved who actually reported
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      Tweaks to 90 minute workshop · 29610070
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      Move systemic inequality discussion to backup slides · 774a34c5
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      With this material in the main slides, I'm consistently not getting to
      the instructor modeling of how to follow up with a reported person.
      Prioritize basics for most classes over advanced but important topics.
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      Update slides · 43ee2edc
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      Use BIRDS instead of JARRING - easier to remember
      Add a slide after report evaluation for things to think about before
      talking to a reported person. (E.g. what do you do if they don't agree
      to your plan? Who can they appeal this decision to?)
      Tweak the ordering of the reporter emotions slides to go from most
      common to least common.
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      Update report template with JARRING acronym · 0dc2ba8f
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      Update slides · a6c20a0d
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      Add a new acronym, JARRING, that uses non-violent communication method
      to separate out the description of the incident from talking about the
      impact (the reporter's feelings in response to the reported person's
      Update response examples in the table to include borderline incidents
      and verbal/emotional abuse.
      Update false reporting slides to hopefully be shorter. Explaining
      "punching up vs punching down" takes a lot of time. Emphasize that peers
      may bring up old grievances in the personal conflict slide instead.
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