Version 1.2 - 11 February 2017

Second release of the open source Lugaru project! It continues the refactoring work to make the old Lugaru code more modular and easier to maintain and extend. A particular attention was given to the development tools (in game editor) to improve the modability of the game.



  • Keep track of and display the game's version number in the console and main menu.
  • Many fixes and improvements to development tools, most of them should now work as described in the documentation.
  • New monospace font for the console, more readable.
  • Configurable campaign end message.
  • Various fixes to mod levels and campaigns.
  • A lot of behind-the-scenes refactoring that should help bring more interesting changes in future releases.

Detailed changes


  • Fix displaying the localized key names instead of the QWERTY ones (#62)
  • Fixed bushes appearing above ground on first level loaded
  • Add a monospace font for the console text to increase legibility (#23)
  • Devtools: improve handling of map command to avoid crashes (#23)
  • Devtools: prevent the clothes command from saving invalid paths (#59)
    • Added clotheslist command to inspect player clothes
  • Devtools: reviewed and fixed conflicting hotkeys and crashes (#73, #89)
  • Devtools: fix regression from 1.1 in changing player type (wolf/rabbit) (#88)
    • Some bindings were changed, see Docs/DEVTOOLS.txt for the updated list.
  • Campaign end message now configurable in the campaign definition file (#60)
  • Fix long dialog lines printed out of the dialog area (#86)
  • Lots of code refactoring and modernisation, fixed warnings
  • Many bug fixes

Game content:

  • Fix incorrect number of levels in the Seven Tasks campaign file (caused a crash on Win32) (#70)
  • Fix crash in "Temple of the Wind" (sventemple) and "Snowy Grotto" (svengrotto) levels (#76, #79)
  • Add and fix missing black fur texture for Ash in the Empire campaign (#84)


  • Applied clang-format code formatting to the source, using a custom Mozilla-based style (#18, !14)
  • Start properly versioning the game with version number displayed in the menu and console (#82, !15)