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    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      merge in "Fix exception on ^C" - innocuous enough · 7f104d52
      Denver Gingerich authored
      I don't normally kill sgx-catapult from the command-line so my tests
      just cover use via Monit, but it worked fine in those tests so seems
      good to merge.
      See merge request !14 for the discussion and details behind the merge.
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      merge in "Fix presence" - inactive code now active · 6166a872
      Denver Gingerich authored
      The unused `subscription(:request?) do |s|` section became used when
      we switched Blather to stop processing a stanza on the first matched
      Ruby proc in 6d19b7f5.  It was added way back in the first week of
      sgx-catapult development and hadn't been touched (or likely thought
      of) since.  So it's about time we deleted it anyway.
      This does cause subscription requests to work again in my testing.
      See merge request !13 for the discussion and details behind the merge.
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      Fix exception on ^C · 38b0797c
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      Defer the stop to happen outside of the trap handler so that EM won't
      freak out about it.
    • Stephen Paul Weber's avatar
      Fix presence · 9c0714a5
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      There were two handlers -- the more specific one was commented out? And
      now that we only run the first matching handler, this caused all
      subscriptions to be eaten.
    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      merge the "Move send_media helper to SGXcatapult" · b208ffed
      Denver Gingerich authored
      Needed for jmp-fwdcalls!1 and
      also adds optional subject and description parameters for filling in
      the respective fields on the XMPP message (not used yet).
      See merge request !10 for the discussion and details behind the merge.
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      Move send_media helper to SGXcatapult · 695d6e56
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      Makes more sense there, and gives others who want to use it easier
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      fix 7729a26a so params remain out of log, as before · 3e67d2ff
      Denver Gingerich authored
      As mentioned in 889024e8, 7729a26a had the side-effect of adding the
      params values to the log.  In the spirit of 349d8b0b, we are trying to
      keep such values out of the log, so explicitly remove them to retain
      the old (and desired) behaviour.
    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      merge "Allow for others to plug-over us"; caveats: · 889024e8
      Denver Gingerich authored
      In 7729a26a the Redis parameters were moved such that the `REDIS_URL`
      environment variable must now be used instead.
      In 7729a26a a `use Goliath::Rack::Params` was added, which changes the
      behaviour when printing the `env` in `response(env)`.  This will be
      fixed in a later commit.
      In 5f00e6db the XMPP features list advertised by sgx-catapult has been
      fixed.  This is long overdue and good to have corrected at last.
      See merge request !9 for the discussion and details behind the merge.
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      Allow others to augment what we report support for · 5f00e6db
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      Also, remove advertisements of support for things we don't currently
    • Stephen Paul Weber's avatar
      Allow for others to plug-over us · 7729a26a
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      Defer executing the event loop until exit in case someone `require`s us
      and wants to install extra stuff before we run.
      Some small tweaks to the APIs to make the coming fwdcalls plugover
      Also, normalise to use REDIS_URL environment variable instead of passing
      host/port in args.
    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      merge "Refactor register to use EM" - passes tests · d4bb849d
      Denver Gingerich authored
      In particular, tested SMS send/receive (shouldn't have been impacted)
      as well as the registration form display on an already-registered
      account (using Cheogram's "Configure direct message route" ad-hoc
      command).  Both appeared to work fine.  Since we don't currently use
      much more than this in JMP (most registration is done behind the
      scenes and Cheogram mainly uses registration for verification reasons)
      that should be sufficient testing for now.
      See merge request !8 for the discussion and details behind the merge.
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    • Stephen Paul Weber's avatar
      Return feature-not-implemented for unknown iq · 6f4f934e
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      By default, blather treats both false and nil returns from a handler as
      a signal to pass control to the next handler.  That's counter-intuitive,
      so let's over-ride that and always stop after the first handler (unless
      throw(:pass) is explicitly called).
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    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      response output was lost in translation in ff64421b · 1ed11ad3
      Denver Gingerich authored
      In the pre-refactor code, response.to_s looks something like this:
      "#<Net::HTTPOK:0x00000002b8dad8>".  After the refactor in ff64421b the
      chosen replacement value (http.response) outputs the entire body of
      the response instead, which is more than we're looking to log.  So
      remove it entirely ("#<EventMachine::HttpClient:0x00000001d6b810>",
      the value of http.to_s, is even less useful than response.to_s was)
      and just print the response code on its own in that line now.
      This happens to fix an 80-column violation introduced in ff64421b as
      well, which we should probably have checked by RuboCop at some point.
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    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      merge in "Refactor mpx-catapult to use em_promise" · 540712ff
      Denver Gingerich authored
      Note that the EventMachine upgrade is required here since "1.0.1 fixes
      a bug with the use of epoll, which goliath's runner enables", per the
      merge discussion.
      See merge request !7 for the discussion and details behind this merge.
  18. 09 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Stephen Paul Weber's avatar
      Refactor mpx-catapult to use em_promise · ff64421b
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      Instead of writing our own, just use the built-in Goliath runner.
      This changes the usage, new usage is:
      REDIS_URL=redis://localhost:6379/0 bundle exec mpx-catapult.rb -p $PORT -s -v
      There is a --help for more information (provided by Goliath).
      Instead of using blocking I/O, use EventMachine.
      To be consistent with the rest of the project, use em_promise
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    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      merge initial EventMachine refactor - passes tests · a98b0f98
      Denver Gingerich authored
      This looks very good to me and worked fine in my testing (including
      most of the cases that result in errors being returned to the user).
      The changes should make sgx-catapult much more performant (especially
      as we handle more load) and are generally the right thing to do.
      There are a couple of minor fixes that are included in these changes
      that would ideally be broken out into separate commits, but I won't
      push for those here as the important part is the resulting code.
      See merge request !6 for the discussion and details behind this merge.
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