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  5. 24 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      fix 300def9c as some bad reqs have non-empty params · c8fd6950
      Denver Gingerich authored
      Sometimes HTTP requests to the port that sgx-catapult is running on
      are slightly less naive - for example, with a path of:
      In this case params is indeed non-empty so we need to also catch this
      case.  To be extra safe, we do so by rejecting both non-POST and
      non-"root" requests.  Hopefully this will suffice for the situations
      we care about, though of course the better solution would be to do
      actual request validation.  We'll save that for later.
      As with 300def9c we have the same error/crash without this fix (if we
      got an HTTP request of the above form):
        Shutting down gateway due to exception 013: no implicit conversion of nil into String
  6. 22 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      fix disco code so non-:get disco <iq>s are ignored · a887c612
      Denver Gingerich authored
      This is not 100% correct, but it's close enough for our purposes and
      we left a TODO in case someone wants to fix it properly in the future.
      This fix will at least prevent feedback loops of the type we had
      previously with components like Cheogram.
  7. 12 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  8. 06 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      short-circuit fix if sgx-bwmsgsv2 users on same DB · 768bec05
      Denver Gingerich authored
      Modified copy of "sgx-catapult users on same DB so need passthru fix":
      see soprani.ca/sgx-bwmsgsv2@25bc6adb for
      details.  Here is a copy of the commit message (edited to correspond
      to what is being committed here):
      We run sgx-bwmsgsv2 and sgx-catapult off the same database, which
      means that mere existence in the database does not mean that we can
      pass on the message directly, as they could be on a different system
      (i.e. sgx-catapult instead of sgx-bwmsgsv2) and Cheogram will become
      unhappy if we try to pass on messages in this way (plus it's wrong).
      As a result, we need to make the check more precise, and specifically
      determine that the destination user is a user of sgx-catapult, which
      we do by checking for a distinctive characteristic of the credentials.
      This should ideally be done in a better way, but since we just have
      the two systems for now, it is easy to do this substring check, as all
      credentials follow this general pattern.
      We know this commit works because we've been running it in production
      for a couple months now (* sigh *) and have already made the similar
      commit to sgx-bwmsgsv2 per above.
  9. 01 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      don't crash on naive (parameter-less) HTTP request · 300def9c
      Denver Gingerich authored
      Without this fix, one will get the following error (and subsequent
      crash) if the port that sgx-catapult is running on receives a naive
      HTTP request, such as a "GET /" (from Wget or curl or similar):
        Shutting down gateway due to exception 013: no implicit conversion of nil into String
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    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      dirty hack to support V2 media URL in mpx-catapult · 7dfe1496
      Denver Gingerich authored
      This change allows mpx-catapult to support both V1 and V2 media URLs
      by using a property of V1 and V2 user IDs to see when a request is
      intended for V1 versus V2, namely that V1 user IDs always start with
      "u-", while V2 user IDs tend to be numeric.  Not necessarily a
      guarantee, but good enough for us for now.
      Also, we needed to fix the split expression to use the second and
      remaining fields instead of the last two, since V2 media paths
      generally have slashes in them.  The old way worked fine for V1 since
      V1 does not have slashes in its media paths.
      This change was alluded to in soprani.ca/sgx-bwmsgsv2@91ff2894
      but we didn't actually implement this change until now.  With this fix
      an sgx-bwmsgsv2 instance should be able to use mpx-catapult without
      issue (along with an sgx-catapult (V1) instance at the same time if
      one so desires).
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    • Denver Gingerich's avatar
      send MMS on OOB (i.e. via HTTP Upload) - fixes #16 · ebfd3a02
      Denver Gingerich authored
      Added a feature that allows the user to send a real MMS (e.g. picture
      message) when using their server's HTTP Upload (XEP-0363).  With some
      clients, like Conversations, the resulting file is sent via OOB, so we
      use the presence of a URL in the OOB section to indicate a file is to
      be sent.  Other ways of describing the URL are for now unsupported, as
      we want to ensure that we only do this when the user implies that they
      want to send a file.
      For a number of reasons, this feature is gated on a per-user flag,
      which is off by default.  The user may be used to the old behaviour
      and not want a real MMS sent, or they may be confused if this feature
      breaks when it didn't before (i.e. the carrier supports larger files
      when sent via "internal" URL, as is done with Jingle File Transfer,
      than it does when sent via "external" URL, as is done here).  A new
      option will be added to jmp-acct_bot shortly to let the user set this
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