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    add outgoing call support: auto-create SIP account · e9b550bc
    Denver Gingerich authored
    Thanks to jmp-fwdcalls' 677c376, we can finally add outgoing call
    support to jmp-register.  This is done by creating SIP accounts for
    users automatically at signup time, and then providing them with the
    requisite details to make outgoing calls using the generated account.
    Note that no new Catapult application is required - the existing
    application used by sgx-catapult (and jmp-fwdcalls) is sufficient to
    handle outgoing calls (plus incoming) due to jmp-fwdcalls' 677c376.
    Aside from register4, which creates the SIP accounts, no changes to
    any of the register* pages were needed, since the signup flow remains
    the same.  Users can now use the Catapult SIP account for receiving
    calls if they like, but that is handled the same way as any other SIP
    account, so no changes to register5 or register6 were required.
    The text has been updated in a variety of places to indicate that
    bi-directional calling is now supported.
    This change also makes somewhat-related copy edits to bump up the
    number of allowed voice minutes for upgraded accounts from 60 minutes
    to 120 minutes per month.  This makes sense since we now support calls
    in both directions (not just incoming).
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