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    add voicemail support to docs, JMP SIP by default · 9b56b66c
    Denver Gingerich authored
    Aside from a two-line logic change, this commit is exclusively textual
    changes.  The logic change that's added here causes jmp-register to
    always set a forwarding address by default, specifically the SIP
    address of the JMP SIP account that's already created automatically.
    This is reasonable to do now that we have voicemail support (see
    jmp-fwdcalls!2 for details),
    since callers will get voicemail instead of a busy signal if the
    forwarding address (ie. JMP SIP account) has no logged in clients.
    The bulk of the changes here are to replace text like "Voicemail...
    is in the works" with text that describes the voicemail feature, and
    text that described default call behaviour so that we include mention
    of how voicemail works in each call receipt scenario.  These changes
    are primarily to the main page (index.html) and to register4, which
    is the "success" page users receive once their JMP number is acquired.
    If we ever fix jmp-fwdcalls#10 we'll
    need to update jmp-register again, as the #voicemail section added
    here assumes the current handling of FN and NICKNAME.
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