Commit 6c2e72e4 authored by Denver Gingerich's avatar Denver Gingerich
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fix register3 to refer to cc4eadd5 message blocking

parent e2741a29
......@@ -176,16 +176,20 @@ Code: <input type="text" name="jcode" /> <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
If you have not yet received the verification code, please add the contact
"" to your roster and then <a href=
If you have not yet received the verification code, then your XMPP server (or
client) may be preventing you from receiving text messages from phone numbers
that are new to you. For details, see <a href="../#blocking">the FAQ section on
message blocking</a>. You may switch to a different XMPP server (perhaps from
<a href="../suggested_servers.html">our suggested servers list</a>) by creating
an account at one, then pressing Back and using your new JID instead. Or, <a
echo urlencode($_GET['number']);
echo $clean_sid;
echo urlencode($jid);
?>">click here</a> or press Reload to try again, or press Back to select a
different JID to use.
?>">click here</a> or press Reload to try sending the code to the same JID
<p class="warning"> <!-- FIXME: add css for this class -->
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