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    change "Show Monthly Usage" so JMP-side stats used · 5b1481b8
    Denver Gingerich authored
    Previously the "Show Monthly Usage" command showed the stats that
    Catapult recorded, which could sometimes over-represent one's usage
    (see 5e609a45, 0e664811, and 76d31968 for the original implementation).
    Now we instead show the stats that are recorded by jmp-fwdcalls and
    sgx-catapult, which were added in 09f98c8f and
    , respectively.  These stats are saved as integer values of the
    usage_minutes- and usage_messages-[TAI_date]-[JMP_number] keys.
    Although this does complete the implementation for jmp-fwdcalls, the
    code added here does rely on the new usage_start_day-[JMP_number] keys
    and the values are not yet generated by jmp-register (nor have they
    been manually populated in production databases where numbers have
    already been added without their respective usage_start_day-* values).
    Until that is done, one will receive "Unable to get usage statistics"
    when running the "Show Monthly Usage" command, which is the standard
    message if jmp-fwdcalls cannot determine a JMP number's start date.
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