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      Switch to connection pool · d57b1f7f
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
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      Merge branch 'forward-to-sip-for-sgx-jmp' into 'master' · 603bdb6f
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      Allow sgx-jmp users to choose their SIP endpoint
      See merge request !22
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      Allow sgx-jmp users to choose their SIP endpoint · 9191385b
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      This changes the "Forward to XMPP" boolean to a list of options to make it more
      clear what the effect of being unchecked is.  In the normal case (non-sgx-jmp or
      sgx-jmp with one of the defaults set) the options are to forward to Jabber ID or
      to Sip Account.  Sip endpoint is computed as old-style for non-sgx-jmp and
      new-style for sgx-jmp.  If user is on sgx-jmp but their forwarding setting *is*
      one of our SIP endpoints but does *not* match what we expect for them, we show a
      third option "Legacy SIP Account" which allows them to leave their forwarding
      unchanged while they change other settings.  If they ever switch off of legacy
      they cannot switch back and will need to switch to a new-style SIP account
      created by way of a reset if they want to use SIP again.
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      Merge branch 'sip-outbound-sgx-jmp' into 'master' · 9e20eb1a
      Stephen Paul Weber authored
      Make both forms of sip outbound work for sgx-jmp users
      See merge request !21
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      Handle XEP-0215 Requests · b909ee16
      Christopher Vollick authored
      Cheogram will use XEP-0215 to query whether or not the backend has any
      default sip provider.
      If there is one, then the users of this backend can make outbound calls.
      This is the hard-coded list require to enable outbound calling for JMP
  15. 03 Feb, 2021 14 commits