Add Mobile UI fn to VideoJS

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Adds Mobile-UI functions to VideoJS. Allows for:

Mobile UI for Video.js.

Touch controls: Double-tap the left side of the player to rewind ten seconds Double-tap the right side of the player to fast-forward ten seconds Single-tap the screen to show a play/pause toggle

Fullscreen control: Rotate to landscape to enter Fullscreen Lock to fullscreen on rotate


Motivation and Context

Adds more funtions to the default VideoJS while in a mobile enviroment.

How Has This Been Tested?

Added to test build, loaded files, applied the changes and then tested on 3 different mobile devices. Android S9 iOS iPhone iOS iPad Pro Each functions as described in videojs-mobile-ui description.

Coded on Windows 11, VSCode. Windows Env Tested in Brave Browser/Chromium,Edge,Firefox Developer ED. Mobile Env Tested in Andriod Brave/Chrome/Firefox, iOS Safari, Brave,Chrome,Firefox

Screenshots (if appropriate):

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