Modifications to OSP License from MIT to AGPLv3

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This PR is a proposal of license change, from MIT to AGPLv3 for Open Streaming Platform (OSP) for all OSP Core Files (To include OSP-Core, OSP-RTMP, OSP-Proxy, OSP-Edge) and seek agreement by all previous OSP contributors.

In addition, this change would ensure that all Theme related files (html, css, js) and Third Party developed add-ons which do not add to, remove, change, or otherwise alter the provided OSP Core Files remain licensed under the original MIT License.

This change would apply to OSP v0.9.0 and forward. Prior OSP versions 0.8.17 and prior would remain MIT licensed.


The intention of this change is to ensure that the OSP Code stays open and free without another entity being able to copy the source and create a proprietary derivative which does not contribute to the original OSP Source code. In this day and age, this is becoming more and more common and as the primary maintainer, I do not feel that the community should provide free contributions to any proprietary entity without that entity being required to also contribute.

The hope is to also maintain MIT licensing for all Themes, Javascript, and CSS as well as future third party add-ons which may alter the functionality of OSP, without altering the Core OSP files.


To make this licensing change, we require all prior contributors to add a comment to this Merge Request in the following format:

"I agree to the change of license from MIT to AGPLv3 on all my past code contributions to the project Open Streaming Platform (OSP) Signed-off-by: Name"

Required Contributors

Again, we appreciate all the work provided by the community and hope this change will allow us to provide the highest level of code quality and ensure OSP will remain free and open source!

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