Commit 8c140e25 authored by Rick Gruber-Riemer's avatar Rick Gruber-Riemer

Added validation to detect double registration of textures.

parent 9c23a796
......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ class TextureManager(object):
def __init__(self, cls):
self.__l = []
self.__cls = cls # -- class (roof, facade, ...)
self.current_registration_file = ""
self.current_registered_in = ""
def append(self, t):
"""Appends a texture to the catalog if the referenced file exists, in which case True is returned.
......@@ -200,12 +200,22 @@ class TextureManager(object):
Prepend each item in t.provides with class name, except for class-independent keywords: age,region,compat
# check whether already during initialization an error occured
if t.validation_message:
logging.warning("Defined in registration file %s: %s", self.current_registration_file, t.validation_message)
logging.warning("Defined in registration file %s: %s", self.current_registered_in, t.validation_message)
return False
t.registered_in = self.current_registered_in
# check whether the same texture already has been referenced in an existing entry
for existing in self.__l:
if existing.filename == t.filename:
logging.warning("Defined in registration file %s: %s has already been referenced in %s",
self.current_registered_in, t.filename, existing.registered_in)
return False
new_provides = []
logging.debug("Based on registration file %s: added %s ", self.current_registration_file, t.filename)
logging.debug("Based on registration file %s: added %s ", self.current_registered_in, t.filename)
for item in t.provides:
if item.split(':')[0] in ('age', 'region', 'compat'):
......@@ -413,7 +423,7 @@ def append_dynamic(facades, tex_prefix):
my_path = subdir + os.sep + filename"Executing %s ", my_path)
facades.current_registration_file = my_path
facades.current_registered_in = my_path
logging.exception("Error while running %s" % filename)
......@@ -423,7 +433,7 @@ def append_roofs(roofs, tex_prefix): # parameter roofs is used dynamically in e
"""Dynamically runs the content of a hard-coded file to fill the roofs texture list."""
file_name = tex_prefix + os.sep + ROOFS_DEFAULT_FILE_NAME
roofs.current_registration_file = file_name
roofs.current_registered_in = file_name
except Exception as e:
logging.exception("Unrecoverable error while loading roofs")
......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ class Texture(object): = 0 # coordinate in atlas (int)
self.ay = 0
self.validation_message = None
self.registered_in = None # filename of the .py file, where this texture has been referenced
try: =
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