Commit 081b3a5b authored by Rick Gruber-Riemer's avatar Rick Gruber-Riemer

Added validation to detect missing registration of textures.

parent 8c140e25
......@@ -409,7 +409,26 @@ def _map_hex_colour(value):
return value
def append_dynamic(facades, tex_prefix):
def _check_missed_input_textures(tex_prefix, registered_textures):
"""Find all .jpg and .png files in tex.src and compare with registered textures.
If not found in registered textures, then log a warning"""
for subdir, dirs, files in os.walk(tex_prefix, topdown=True):
for filename in files:
if filename[-4:] in [".jpg", ".png"]:
if filename[-7:-4] in ["_LM", "_MA"]:
my_path = subdir + os.sep + filename
found = False
for registered in registered_textures:
if registered.filename == my_path:
found = True
if not found:
logging.warning("Texture %s has not been registered", my_path)
def _append_dynamic(facades, tex_prefix):
"""Dynamically runs .py files in tex.src and sub-directories to add facades.
For roofs see add_roofs(roofs)"""
......@@ -429,7 +448,7 @@ def append_dynamic(facades, tex_prefix):
logging.exception("Error while running %s" % filename)
def append_roofs(roofs, tex_prefix): # parameter roofs is used dynamically in execfile
def _append_roofs(roofs, tex_prefix): # parameter roofs is used dynamically in execfile
"""Dynamically runs the content of a hard-coded file to fill the roofs texture list."""
file_name = tex_prefix + os.sep + ROOFS_DEFAULT_FILE_NAME
......@@ -454,18 +473,22 @@ def init(tex_prefix='', create_atlas=False): # in most situations tex_prefix sh
my_tex_prefix += 'tex.src'
Texture.tex_prefix = my_tex_prefix # need to set static variable so managers get full path
pkl_fname = atlas_file_name + '.pkl'
if create_atlas:
facades = FacadeManager('facade')
roofs = TextureManager('roof')
append_roofs(roofs, my_tex_prefix)
append_dynamic(facades, my_tex_prefix)
# read registration
_append_roofs(roofs, my_tex_prefix)
_append_dynamic(facades, my_tex_prefix)
# -- make texture atlas
texture_list = facades.get_list() + roofs.get_list()
# warn for missed out textures
_check_missed_input_textures(my_tex_prefix, texture_list)
# -- make texture atlas
if parameters.ATLAS_SUFFIX_DATE:
now =
atlas_file_name += "_%04i%02i%02i" % (now.year, now.month,
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