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    Replace sed delimiter. Install .ico on SerenityOS if no C compiler is found. · 8d0e746e
    Oskar Skog authored
    Squashed commit of branch 0.6.28
    * installtools/target/*: Created path.inc to move some more or less
      hardcoded paths to a single source.  Not all stuff is there yet,
      update when needed.
    * installtools/target/build: Use '#' as separator in the sed scripts
      and simplify the substitution of MAKEFILE_CFGDIR
    * configure.py: Sanitize variables on the way out too and added '#'
      and '&' as unsafe characters.
    * configure.py, installtools/target/build: Support both gcc and clang.
    * installtools/target/uninstall, installtools/target/postuninstall:
      Always remove both launcher and .ico in case $(serenity-launcher)
      ever changes.
    * installtools/target/build, installtools/target/install: Install and
      use .ico if $(serenity-launcher) is false.  Note that `.ico`s are
      not yet supported for IconPath.
    * doc/INSTALL.SerenityOS: Updated
    * desktop/serenity.c: Remove unnecessary cast to void, and split lines
      between file and argv[0]