Commit 60922ee8 authored by Oskar Skog's avatar Oskar Skog

Moved dist to mkdist to prevent make from deleting the file on error.

parent 94391d9b
......@@ -349,9 +349,9 @@ release : dist check
tarballs : FORCE
@$(srcdir)dist "$(srcdir)" "$(builddir)" "$(PKG)" tar
@$(srcdir)mkdist "$(srcdir)" "$(builddir)" "$(PKG)" tar
zip : FORCE
@$(srcdir)dist "$(srcdir)" "$(builddir)" "$(PKG)" zip
@$(srcdir)mkdist "$(srcdir)" "$(builddir)" "$(PKG)" zip
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ textfiles="BUGS ChangeLog FAQ INSTALL NEWS README LICENSE desktop/FILES \
# Already CRLF + shell scripts
noconv="Windows.txt Windows-admin.bat Windows-user.bat configure \
desktop/${NAME}.ico desktop/ desktop/${NAME}-*.png \
desktop/${NAME}*.xcf mkenginecfg dist"
desktop/${NAME}*.xcf mkenginecfg mkdist"
# LF to CRLF conversion for the zip
files="${NAME}.py ${NAME} ${NAME} ${NAME} \ Makefile.static install-cfg enginecfg.default cursescfg \
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