Commit 4ee8ea8c authored by Oskar Skog's avatar Oskar Skog

windows-beta/enginecfg: procs is not needed

parent cbbff127
#!/usr/bin/python #!/usr/bin/python
#@[email protected]
# Remove the above line if this file has been modified.
# If you don't, this file will be overwritten.
{ {
# No init-field/procs
# init-field/filename and hiscores/file need different paths to work
'init-field': { 'init-field': {
#'procs': 1, # Default is to not overload. 'filename': 'windows-beta\\mines.{0}',
'filename': 'windows-beta/mines.{0}', 'sec-maxtime': 1200, # 20 minutes maximum
'sec-maxtime': 1200, 'sec-maxarea': 2500, # Max field size: 50x50
'sec-maxarea': 2500, # Crash if a huge field is requested.
}, },
'hiscores': { 'hiscores': {
'file': 'windows-beta/highscores.txt', 'file': 'windows-beta\\highscores.txt',
'maxsize': 524288, 'maxsize': 524288,
'entries': 16, 'entries': 16,
'use-user': True, 'use-user': True,
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