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    0.6.34: Check if cfg files are safe to load. Implement timeout on Windows. · 366d704d
    Oskar Skog authored
    Squashed commit of branch 0.6.34
    * (game_engine.init_field2):
        - Implement timeout on Windows 10+
    * (_game_hash):
        - Ignore WindowsError
    * (create_cfg):
        - Choose a safe path for the temporary config file
    * (load_cfg), (main):
        - Check file safety in `anonymine_engine.load_cfg`
        - Handle windows-beta/cursescfg "symlinks" in a sane way
    * installtools/install-cfg, and ^^^ above thing ^^^:
        - fstat the opened file instead of the path to avoid
          race conditions
    * (main):
        - Get traceback on Jython if something goes wrong (#2)
    * (test_multiprocessing), installtools/
        - Test that the multiprocessing module is workin in
    *, doc/INSTALL.Haiku, doc/INSTALL.SerenityOS:
        - Some updates
    * windows-beta/setup.bat, doc/INSTALL.Windows.txt:
        - Added a batch script to initialize highscores and install
    * doc/INSTALL.txt, doc/INSTALL.advanced, doc/INSTALL.advanced.staged:
        - Remove INSTALL.advanced.staged, the whole install system
          should be replaced at some point
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