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image: $CI_REGISTRY/sw4j-net/noweb-nasm/master:latest
- build
- deploy
stage: build
- make
- cd bootloader
- make
- tutorial.pdf
- bootloader/bootloader
- bootloader/bootloader.pdf
- bootloader/
expire_in: 1 hour
image: $CI_REGISTRY/sw4j-net/jekyll/master:latest
stage: deploy
- gem install jekyll-theme-tactile
- jekyll build -s site -d public
- mkdir -p public/bootloader
- cp bootloader/bootloader public/bootloader/
- cp bootloader/bootloader.pdf public/bootloader/
- cp bootloader/ public/bootloader/
- cp tutorial.pdf public/
- public
- master
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baseurl: /tutorial-x86
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title: Tutorial x86
description: A tutorial for the x86 assembly language
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is_project_page: true
maintainer: Uwe Plonus
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# Introduction
This project is a tutorial to the x86 assembly language.
This project contains a [book](./tutorial.pdf).
Additionally a [system emulator]( is created to emulate a system.
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