Commit f5103d5b authored by Paul Barker's avatar Paul Barker

patches: Fix patch application script

Signed-off-by: Paul Barker's avatarPaul Barker <>
parent f3a3dd99
......@@ -4,9 +4,14 @@ set -e
shopt -s nullglob
REPOLIST="bitbake openembedded-core meta-openembedded meta-raspberrypi meta-virtualization"
PATCHES_DIR=$(realpath $(dirname $0))
PATCHES_DIR="$(realpath $(dirname $0))"
for repo in $REPOLIST; do
gitdir="$(git -C $repo rev-parse --git-dir)"
if [[ -e "$gitdir/rebase-apply" ]]; then
echo "Aborting previous patch application"
rm -rf "$gitdir/rebase-apply"
for p in "$PATCHES_DIR/$repo"/*; do
echo "Applying $p"
git -C $repo am "$p"
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