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Updates for thud

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......@@ -12,9 +12,9 @@ qemux86:
- ./scripts/ -M qemux86 -V ${ORYX_VERSION}
- ./scripts/ -M raspberrypi2 -V ${ORYX_VERSION}
- ./scripts/ -M raspberrypi3 -V ${ORYX_VERSION}
[submodule "meta-oryx"]
path = meta-oryx
url =
branch = thud
[submodule "build"]
path = build
url =
branch = thud
[submodule "bitbake"]
path = bitbake
url = git://
branch = 1.40
[submodule "openembedded-core"]
path = openembedded-core
url = git://
branch = thud
[submodule "meta-openembedded"]
path = meta-openembedded
url = git://
branch = thud
[submodule "meta-virtualization"]
path = meta-virtualization
url =
branch = thud
[submodule "meta-raspberrypi"]
path = meta-raspberrypi
url =
branch = thud
[submodule "meta-yocto"]
path = meta-yocto
url =
branch = thud
Oryx Linux
Welcome to Oryx Linux!
This is the new top-level repository for Oryx Linux.
This is the root directory of the Oryx Linux source tree. It is composed of
sub-repositories from both Oryx Linux itself and The Yocto Project.
1) Follow the Yocto Project Quick Start guide (available from
to ensure that your system is capable of building images using The Yocto
2) Prepare the environment for an Oryx Linux build as follows:
source build/conf/setenv
3) Build a minimal image for a supported platform such as a Raspberry Pi 3 as
./scripts/ -M raspberrypi3
4) Run bitbake commands directly if needed, for example to build just the Linux
kernel for a Raspberry Pi device, as follows:
MACHINE=raspberrypi3 bitbake linux-raspberrypi
Full documentation is available in the following locations:
* HTML (read online):
* HTML (download):
* PDF:
Oryx Linux is developed and maintained by Togán Labs.
For support requests, bug reports or other feedback please open an issue in the
Oryx issue tracker ( or contact us at
To submit patches, please see the README file in the appropriate sub-repository.
Each of the following directories found in the top-level of the Oryx Linux
source tree is a separate git repository. Consult the README files in each of
these directories for further information.
* bitbake: OpenEmbedded build tool.
* openembedded-core: Common OpenEmbedded metadata layer.
* meta-openembedded: Additional OpenEmbedded metadata layers.
* meta-virtualization: OpenEmbedded layer for virtualization components
including runc.
* meta-raspberrypi: Raspberry Pi hardware support.
* meta-oryx: Oryx Linux distribution metadata.
* build: Build scripts and configuration.
bitbake @ d89358c7
Subproject commit 0cfc71d1a342b82781b0ba547421e41f6340902a
Subproject commit d89358c7b8aa69f12b8c384c4fdb493782633494
Subproject commit 80a1c7919e8a9ac38354003ee9c65e9c7a299af9
Subproject commit 6ec20d789e202fb411a674c80ef7d5054ef39cd9
meta-openembedded @ cca27b5e
Subproject commit f1511d254632a34c1deb51f4bf8b8c21e7423f51
Subproject commit cca27b5ea7569d2730ee5da7ee7f47b39d775d89
Subproject commit 7b22f5725477f41d894ab3975dfc521f5d91100b
Subproject commit ba8191738e15757fddefd31293376f4216e44be3
Subproject commit 30200f75d60a6bd041410ac2cc885c1fadfac132
Subproject commit d5d92f2cb7f2bf7ef3322da560f35deb59deedf6
meta-virtualization @ d051460b
Subproject commit f33c8698fd5fda6c687a2604c2405721fc096cae
Subproject commit d051460bac9a0a8999703aa7feeb546e9026385c
meta-yocto @ e9a9591f
Subproject commit b5aa0db24dae27e4e66773767ea72f0e3c7c57de
Subproject commit e9a9591f36d1e7a602fdb245a1f2d1707958e0e5
openembedded-core @ 748f946e
Subproject commit 1fd7d0f2fbf7e200844c675ddb77513a8d5d7327
Subproject commit 748f946ee74f7480200a7eb0bb0b695467b08f0a
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