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Nightly snapshot: master 2019-05-11

parent c3cce7df
Pipeline #60804530 passed with stage
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bitbake @ 9b4a9e54
Subproject commit 3f2c2eb2f59707828bdcdd6414db837da8dc3b0e
Subproject commit 9b4a9e5459db5f443fcffbdc499e12f09970e709
meta-openembedded @ 7142f094
Subproject commit d42cce95a8717c3e5bba3701b71f2f9822c2d00c
Subproject commit 7142f09407b81c2221bbf1c5078641ab4bc63ee9
meta-virtualization @ 8e634ac4
Subproject commit 3038a912be24f7586dba4c70ec96d01a6c9f1852
Subproject commit 8e634ac487386b8d7e4d7ec26f9aa367ce7d9738
openembedded-core @ 244f2e5f
Subproject commit ac64c3b96bdff0b61bb5247fcd2d7ef4be881c09
Subproject commit 244f2e5fb545dd40d020811799a6022e14468eeb
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