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Add minutes of meeting 2019-05-11.

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Attendees: Paul, Beth
* Contribution guidelines in process. We need to move CI off GitLab as part of
this so that we can do more comprehensive build testing of contributions.
* netns update done, discussion of golang compiler issues is ongoing at
* systemd has been broken on OE master, slowly moving towards working again.
* Fixes submitted for arm64 musl libc build issues, still have a few build
issues on qemux86/qemux86-64 (see
* Need to prioritise including containers in the host rootfs. This will require
the build script to invoke bitbake multiple times in sequence as we're not
planning to migrate to multiconfig builds. These improvements to the build
script will also facilitate some CI improvements as we'll be able to invoke
the build script once and tell it to build everything.
* Once v0.5 is out, we should focus on developer workflow for v0.6. For our demo
platforms like raspberrypi3, developers should be able to download a pre-built
rootfs image (built from the host application profile) and an ESDK. The ESDK
needs to be taught how to understand application profiles and how to build
container images. Then developers can built their containers in the ESDK and
install them into the pre-built rootfs and never have to deal with a full
Yocto Project build.
* Move meetings to Zoom as of next week to allow us to open up participation.
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