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Update CHANGELOG for releases up to 1.2.1

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1.2.1 (08/12/2018)
KeychainAdd mechanism also adds a LastUser value to the NoMAD preferences. This allows NoMAD to login on first launch. (#89)
EULA mechanism should only run when expect now. (#108)
authchanger updated to prevent garbage being entered into authorizationdb. (#109)
1.2.0 (07/31/2018)
Support for more than one managed domain (#97)
Support for FDE passthrough from EFI unlock to the Desktop for FileVault (#74 & #82)
KeychainAdd mechanism allows for NoLoAD to add a NoMAD Keychain item or reset the Login keychain if passwords don't match. (#79)
EULA mechanism allows for user acceptance of terms to complete login process
Blured effect layer over the background image at login can have alpha adjustments. (#71)
The placeholder text in the username field can be changed. (#96)
Admin user creation can be gated by groups. (#32)
Users created by NoMAD Login have an account attribute added to indicate so. (#26)
1.1.0 (03/28/2018)
Added better authentication failure UI (#25)
Changed the bundle ID and defaults domain to (#54)
Added the ability to customize the login UI (#30, #41)
1.0.1 (03/02/2018)
Added workarounds and advice for users on macOS Sierra (#21)
1.0.0 Release (02/15/2018)
Initial Prod Release
Removed Sleep button from Loginwindow (#45)
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