Commit 57d22121 authored by Johan McGwire's avatar Johan McGwire

First go at it

parent e5ad0789
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......@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ enum Preferences: String {
/// Allows appending of other domains at the loginwindow. Set as a `Bool` to allow any, or as an Array of Strings to whitelist
case AdditionalADDomains
/// A filesystem path to a background image as a `String`.
case ADDomainWriteConfig
/// Specifies if you do not want to want to write out the krb5.conf file. `Bool` value.
case BackgroundImage
/// An image to display as the background image as a Base64 encoded `String`.
case BackgroundImageData
......@@ -30,11 +30,32 @@ class CheckAD: NoLoMechanism {
if let domain = self.managedDomain {
os_log("Set managed domain for loginwindow", log: checkADLog, type: .debug)
signIn.domainName = domain.uppercased()
let writeKerb5Conf = getManagedPreference(key: .ADDomainWriteConfig) as? Bool
if writeKerb5Conf != false {
os_log("Writing Kerberos configuration file", log: checkADLog, type: .debug)
let krb5FileLoc = "/etc/krb5.conf"
let krb5Config = """
default_realm = \(signIn.domainName)
if let dir = FileManager.default.urls(for: .documentDirectory, in: .userDomainMask).first {
let krb5FileURL = dir.appendingPathComponent(krb5FileLoc)
do {
try krb5Config.write(to: krb5FileURL, atomically: false, encoding: .utf8)
} catch {
os_log("Failure writing krb5.conf file", log: checkADLog, type: .error)
if let isSSLRequired = self.isSSLRequired {
os_log("Set SSL required", log: checkADLog, type: .debug)
signIn.isSSLRequired = isSSLRequired
guard signIn.window != nil else {
os_log("Could not create login window UI", log: checkADLog, type: .default)
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