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    Introduce Confix, a discrete library for application configuration, other improvements · 2ddda360
    Stavros Polymenis authored
    - Patch Template.ml to use Confix
    - Add result binding operator
    - Patch template and webserver to use Confix
    - Wrote Config.to_record for applying positive result to converter
    - Revise webserver to use Confix
    - Drop begin scope in of_config and improve UUID error message
    - Tidy syntax
    - Dropped default values for webserver and template configuration records
    - Merge configuration files into a single file
    - Decompose Config.config to Config.of_path
    - Wrap webserver with custom CmdLiner term
    - Move Logarion's files in .logarion/ and perform OS ops with Bos
    - Initialise to .logarion
    - Drop repository path (for now)
    - Default to current directory for repository
    - Use .logarion/config.toml for webserver
    - Move config to share/; copy share/ when installing via OPAM
    - Generate config.toml in .logarion/ instead of copying it
    - Refactor webserver port to a variable
    - Fix writing to file, don't ignore Lwt thread
    - Add repository owner as author name when using create command
    - Revised core to avoid use of Batteries
    - Drop Batteries dependency
    - Remove forgotten dependency in core/jbuild
    - Revise documentation
    - Re-implemented Lpath.from_config_paths and of_toml_file to yield Result
    - Print server address and termination hint
    - Fixes bad topic urls, reported by @cedlemo
    - Remove main.sass, replaced by two separate files
    - Use ./share/static as default static_dir and inform about the absense of config files
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