Commit 046373dd authored by Sean Stangl's avatar Sean Stangl

Add ESDT to the federation selector

parent 0a4b910f
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......@@ -192,6 +192,7 @@
<optgroup label="{{}}">
<option value="all-greece" {% if selection.federation == "AllGreece" %}selected{% endif %}>{{strings.selectors.fed.all_greece}}</option>
<option value="esdt" {% if selection.federation == "ESDT" %}selected{% endif %}>ESDT - Hellenic Powerlifting Club</option>
<optgroup label="{{}}">
<option value="all-hongkong" {% if selection.federation == "AllHongKong" %}selected{% endif %}>{{strings.selectors.fed.all_hongkong}}</option>
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