Commit dd3901aa authored by Sean Stangl's avatar Sean Stangl

Enter Artie Miller as deadlift-only in rps/2011. Closes #5538

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......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ M,Wraps,Amateur Masters 40-44,140,Samuel Chu,,139.25,238.14,149.69,233.6,621.42,
M,Wraps,Amateur Open,140,Martin Rodriguez #6,,127.55,185.97,147.42,285.76,619.15,SBD,1
M,Raw,Pro Masters 40-44,100,Dan Rella,,97.25,,181.44,,181.44,B,1
M,Raw,Amateur Masters 75-79,100,Artie Miller,,92.08,,88.45,158.76,247.21,BD,1
M,Raw,Amateur Masters 75-79,100,Artie Miller,,92.08,,,158.76,158.76,D,1
M,Multi-ply,Pro Open,125,Shawn Mooney,,121.56,,244.94,274.42,519.36,BD,1
M,Raw,Amateur Teen 16-17,60,Nicholas Farnacci,,59.33,,,179.17,179.17,D,1
M,Raw,Pro Open,125,Vadim Grel,,118.39,,,326.59,326.59,D,1
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