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Commit acc75499 authored by Matt Pearce's avatar Matt Pearce
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Standardise on Bryant Meltzer.

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......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ WeightClassKg,Name,Division,Sex,Best3SquatKg,Best3BenchKg,Best3DeadliftKg,TotalK
90,Darrel Johnson,Open,M,250,167.5,265,682.5,SBD,Single-ply,8
90,Allan Roberts,Open,M,255,140,272.5,667.5,SBD,Single-ply,9
90,Frank D'Angelo,Open,M,262.5,160,240,662.5,SBD,Single-ply,10
90,Brian Meltzer,Open,M,247.5,140,257.5,645,SBD,Single-ply,11
90,Bryant Meltzer,Open,M,247.5,140,257.5,645,SBD,Single-ply,11
90,Bob Klein,Open,M,227.5,165,245,637.5,SBD,Single-ply,12
90,Brian Markison,Open,M,227.5,165,237.5,630,SBD,Single-ply,13
90,Jeff Maloney,Open,M,220,117.5,227.5,565,SBD,Single-ply,14
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