Unverified Commit 30d8397c authored by Werner Koch's avatar Werner Koch

Introduce the Key Block subpacket to align OpenPGP with CMS.

This new subpacket may be used similar to the CertificateSet of
CMS (RFC-5652) and thus allows to start encrypted communication after
having received a signed message.  In practice a stripped down version
of the key should be including having only the key material and the
self-signatures which are really useful and shall be used by the
recipient to reply encrypted.
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......@@ -1358,6 +1358,7 @@ Type | Description
34 | Preferred AEAD Algorithms
35 | Intended Recipient Fingerprint
37 | Attested Certifications
38 | Key Block
100 to 110 | Private or experimental
An implementation SHOULD ignore any subpacket of a type that it does
......@@ -2066,6 +2067,22 @@ Attestation Key Signatures. To rescind all attestations, the primary
key holder needs only to publish a more recent Attestation Key
Signature with an empty Attested Certifications subpacket.
#### Key Block
(1 octet with value 0, N octets of key data)
This subpacket MAY be used to convey key data along with a signature
of class 0x00, 0x01, or 0x02. It MUST contain the key used to create
the signature; either as the primary key or as a subkey. The key
SHOULD contain a primary or subkey capable of encryption and the
entire key must be a valid OpenPGP key including at least one User ID
packet and the corresponding self-signatures.
Implementations MUST ignore this subpacket if the first octet does not
have a value of zero or if the key data does not represent a valid
transferable public key.
### Computing Signatures
All signatures are formed by producing a hash over the signature data,
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