WIP: Advanced line wrapping

Open Daniel Martin requested to merge ninjakiwi/openlp:line-splits into master
  • Adds a wrap style option to themes which allow user to choose between wrapping greedily or splitting the lines evenly.
  • Adds a optional line wrap "[ ]"
  • Wraps lines evenly prioritising "[ ]" then "," then " ".

fixes #300, #871


  • Implement optional line wrap
  • Implement even line wrapping
  • Add setting to change line wrap strategy [Fill line, Even]
  • Decide on default line wrap strategy (I'd love to default to even, but to keep consistent with previous versions and to keep the code base clean, I'm defaulting to greedy)
  • Choose an optional line wrap character sequence most people are happy with (sticking with "[ ]")
  • Write some tests
  • Submit code for #871 (Not required but recommended)
  • Test RTL languages
  • Allow editing line wrap character order of preference
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