• Redesigned connect pane, with real-time(ish) stream previews

  • mDNS scanning for devices on the network

  • Added task progress bars and termination buttons

  • New metadata can be added to captures from the "more" panel

  • Added ZIP downloader (if plugin is enabled on microscope)

  • Add button to zero stage coordinates

  • Restyled accordion headers with slow animation removed

  • Added stream flash animation on capture

  • Show connected hardware status in debug panel

  • Settings are more dynamic to connected hardware

  • Added option to follow system dark theme

  • Created a "lite" mode for deployment on Pi API server

  • Added refresh captures button

  • Added sidebar navigation labels

  • Disable navigation when stage is missing, and show a warning

  • Enable connect with enter key

  • Enable move with enter key

  • Minor layout fixes

  • Miscellaneous styling and layout improvements


  • Completely rewritten for API v2

  • All components get device state as needed. Vuex now holds no device state.

  • (FINALLY) fixed duplicate move request bug

  • Plugin form refresh button updates form schema itself (allows dynamic plugin forms)

  • Package updates

  • Improved handling updating local settings

  • checkList, selectList, numberInput, and textInput HTML elements now inherit $attrs

    • This allows extension GUIs to set various HTML attributes like min, max, placeholder etc
  • Hide GPU preview whenever the stream tab is hidden

  • "Fixed" titlebar z-index

  • Don't disconnect whenever any error occurs

  • Updated all tasks (including plugins) to the new taskSubmitter component

  • Open all _blank links in browser window

  • Allow plugins to emit events on submission response

  • Update plugins when icons are clicked

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

  • Miscellaneous bug introductions