Version numbering

We are now synchronising major and minor version numbering between OpenFlexure eV and the OpenFlexure Microscope Server. This makes it simpler to ensure all API functionality is in proper use. Note that patch versions (i.e. 1.1.X) are not synchronised, as we will be pushing out bug and security fixes separately for each project.

Plugin system

  • Added an entirely new plugin layer. Now, server plugins can include a JSON description of a form, which eV will render in a new tab. Finally, you can give your microscope plugins nice buttons!


  • Completely new application layout
    • Control tabs are now vertical on the left, as well as a load of other smaller tweaks
  • New optional custom titlebar. It's ever so pink...
  • Version mismatch warning. If your eV and Server versions are out of sync, a warning will let you know.
  • Added a disconnect button.
  • Captures now include client version info in metadata.
  • Added a link to our homepage in the Help menu.
  • Capture metadata values can be edited once added.


  • Finally fixed the spinning buttons bug properly.
  • Toggling localmode no longer sends requests to the server.


  • Started custom theming through LESS.
  • Switch all iconography to use Material Icons.
  • Tidied up the component structure.
  • Separated web app and Electron app build targets.
    • This allows us to make better use of Electron-specific functionality in the desktop app.
  • Rewritten settings functionality to work with server version 1.1.x.
  • Modal dialogs handled by a global mixin.
  • Included an electron-store for persistent Electron app settings.
  • Moved to a single ResizeObserver to manage element resizing.