Commit d9dd2ae1 authored by Julian Stirling's avatar Julian Stirling 🐧

Added trylinders where moving stage attaches (should have been done last commit?!)

Former-commit-id: 10670e277921ecf4dc613a1c97f695809492cd3c
Former-commit-id: f1164adac6db916544933beac36eab464bf9e490
parent a703bff4
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ module main_body(){
// mounting holes on top
translate([0,0,shelf_z2 + 1.5]) cylinder(d=3*0.95,h=999);
translate([0,0,shelf_z2 + 1.5]) trylinder_selftap(3,h=999);
// NB the z position must clear the bottom of the stage
// (which is 1mm above shelf_z2) or we get errors on the
// bridge.
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