Commit d2493eb9 authored by Richard Bowman's avatar Richard Bowman 🔬

Updated self-tap holes in utilities and added shims

Former-commit-id: 5b0561b48953dcb4127d90e246fedf80c263ef38
Former-commit-id: f2180bc892ef490ae6946625b8cbc0dcc332ced0
parent 4db2f349
translate([0,0,-20.5]) cylinder(r=999,$fn=4, h=shim_h);
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -334,9 +334,19 @@ module add_roof(inner_h){
module trylinder(r=1, flat=1, h=d, center=false){
//Halfway between a cylinder and a triangle.
//NB the largest cylinder that fits inside it has r=r+f/(2*sqrt(3))
//A passable "self tapping hole" sets
hull() for(a=[0,120,240]) rotate(a)
translate([0,flat/sqrt(3),0]) cylinder(r=r, h=h, center=center);
module trylinder_selftap(nominal_d=3, h=10, center=false){
// Make a trylinder that you can self-tap a machine screw into.
// The size is deliberately a bit big for small holes, so that
// it compensates for splodgy printing
r = max(nominal_d*0.8/2 + 0.2, nominal_d/2 - 0.2);
dr = 0.5;
flat = dr * 2 * sqrt(3);
trylinder(r=r - dr, flat=flat, h=h, center=center);
module trylinder_gripper(inner_r=10,h=6,grip_h=3.5,base_r=-1,t=0.65,squeeze=1,flare=0.8,solid=false){
// This creates a tapering, distorted hollow cylinder suitable for
// gripping a small cylindrical (or spherical) object
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