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......@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ If you want to play with the OpenSCAD files or change the documentation, you sho
This repository will store images using Git LFS, and is set up not to download these to your computer. This is intended to make life easier for the members of our community who don't have fast internet connections. If you want to download these, you can enable it with:
git lfs install
git config --local lfs.fetchexclude "/docs/images,/docs/StageImages"
git config --local lfs.fetchexclude ""
git lfs fetch
git lfs checkout
NB the above commands will download the images that are currently used in the documentation, which have generally been edited, cropped, resized, and annotated. Because of the ``lfs.fetchexclude "/docs/original_images,/design_files"`` those folders will not be downloaded, so you won't get the full-resolution original images, or the design files. However, if you add files to those folders, they will always be uploaded. If you want to download everything, just change that line to ``git config --local lfs.fetchexclude ""``. If you don't need a local copy of the images, it's safe just to ignore this.
This will download all the images. This may take a while.
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