Commit 22b9c47d authored by Richard Bowman's avatar Richard Bowman 🔬

Added an LED mount

Former-commit-id: 5a113b430c59f1a15a1423c78b2f7e0f441f8472
Former-commit-id: fbf439be1ffe03a3ec319b7fa3b98b4a1873fc4d
parent 9b558886
An adapter to fit an LED behind a vertical microscope slide
TODO: locate the SCAD source file for the vertical slide clips!
(c) 2017 Richard Bowman - released under CERN Open Hardware License
use <utilities.scad>;
hole_sep = 40;
hole_d = 3.5;
beam_h = 12.7;
d = 0.05;
w = hole_sep + hole_d + 4;
t = hole_d+4;
translate([-w/2,0,0]) cube([w,t,2.5]); //mounts to two holes
translate([-10/2,0,0]) cube([10,t,beam_h+5]);
reflect([1,0,0]) translate([-hole_sep/2,t/2,-1]) cylinder(d=hole_d,h=999);
translate([0,-99,beam_h]) rotate([-90,0,0]) cylinder(d=3.3, h=999);
\ No newline at end of file
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