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# Ignore build files
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# OpenFlexure Block Stage
A 3D printed xyz translation stage.
## Printing the parts
Before you start you should print all the 3D printed parts.
## Attach Base
Attach the [main body]{Qty: 1} to the [base]{Qty: 1} using two [M6 screws]{Qty: 2} and [nuts][M6 Nuts]{Qty: 2}, they only need to be finger tight. These screws will be removed later.
## Insert nuts
Using the [printed tool]{Tool: 1} insert a [brass M3 nut]{Qty: 3} into the slot on each leg on the main body.
## Add the gears
Take three [large gears]{Qty: 3} and push [M3x25mm hex head screws]{Qty: 3} into them. Put **two** [washers][M3 washers]{Qty: 6} on each screw. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the screw thread.
Screw a gear into each leg of the stage.
## Insert O-rings
*Now comes the tricky part. Once you get the knack this is easy, but it takes a few goes.*
Look through one of the hole you pushed a nut through, rotate the gear above it until you see another hole inside align with it.
Mount an [O-ring][Viton O-ring 30x2mm - you might want some spares]{Qty: 3} onto the [printed tool]{Tool: 1}, as pictured.
Insert the O-ring into the bottom of the leg.
Now you want to push the tool into the leg while holding the gear (and screw) tight against the stage. This is best done with two hands. You have to push pretty hard but once you hear a satisfying click you should be done.
Remove the printed tool. If the bad remains tight then everything went OK. If not you have to pull it out and try again.
Repeat for the other two actuators.
You can now remove the M6 screws.
## Attaching the moving platform
Take the [moving platform]{Qty: 1}, and make sure that M3 screws pass through the 8 centre holes freely. If the screws need to be screwed in you should open up the holes with a [3mm drill bit]{Tool: 1}.
Attach the platform to the stage with eight [M3x8mm screws]{Qty: 8}, this requires a [2.5mm Allen key]{Tool: 1}.
## Attaching motors
Push a [small printed gear][small printed gears]{Qty: 3} onto each [stepper motor][28BYJ-48 micro geared stepper motors]{Qty: 3}.
Attach motors to the main body such that the gears mesh with the gears on the actuators. Use two [M4x6mm button head screws]{Qty: 6} per motor (requires [2.5mm Allen key]{Tool: 1}) to secure them in place.
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#OverviewPage is the only required field
# Recommended information
- Richard Bowman
- Ed Meng
- Julian Stirling
Affiliation: Bath Open Instrumentation Group
License: CERN OHL
Email: [email protected]
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# PrintedTool:
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# DefaultCategory: PrintedTool
#List of YAML part libraries
# - Parts
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