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nlnet: more TODOs

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......@@ -124,10 +124,22 @@ Prior work includes the [[][Fulcro library]] for C
- Ability to favorite content
**** TODO UI rework
Inspiration: NextCloud
***** TODO Timeline view (Activity)
***** TODO Browse content
**** TODO Content browser
A browser for arbitary content powered by ~rdf-parse.js~.
***** DONE Parse with rdf-parse.js
***** TODO Data support
****** TODO ActivityStreams
Pretty display for Note
****** TODO Open Graph Protocol
Lot of websites have this. Nicely display title.
****** TODO
Nicely display some things from
****** TODO Ontologies
Nice description of rdfs:Class owl:Class and rdf:Property et al.
**** TODO Like content
Like arbitrary content.
......@@ -236,6 +248,10 @@ Research and proof-of-concept demonstrating the model.
This work will include collaboration with the [[][P2PCollab]] project.
**** TODO [[][Readings in Database Systems]]
Basic background about database systems.
*** TODO Integrate into Backend/Client
:Lead: pukkamustard
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