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Additionally, always send a link to [this article]( to clients who will be engaging in iterative development with us, and make it clear that as we learn more about the project, the actual costs, features, and other work, are likely to change. Emphasize that estimates are based on what we know at this time only.
In some cases, you may wish to send an executive summary of OpenCraft and our work. These can be created in Proposify. [Here is an example executive summary](assets/exec-summary.pdf).
### Transparency in Pricing
Including the estimates spreadsheet is important to make pricing transparent. While it is possible to 'roll' discovery and management hours into individual development tasks to pad them for required overhead, this makes a full understanding of how resources are to be spent difficult. It also requires a lot of manual work from the proposal writer to 'make everything fit.' It's better to dispense with this and lay out the costs out as transparently as possible.
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