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Remove video from Word of advices section

The individual advices written afterwards are actually more interesting.
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......@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@
and ensure we stay within project budgets, not to monitor individual
performance. Log all the hours, even if they don't feel legitimate - or
you are going to resent it in the long term.
Also, clients don't see the individual log messages.
Also, clients don't see the individual log messages - they only see the title
of the tickets on which the time is logged.
Individual performance is actually measured on elements like communication,
<h3>Words of Wisdom</h3>
<p>The following are the words of wisdom that were used to make the OpenCraft's Words of Wisdom video.</p>
<p>We asked developers who went successfully through the onboarding phase, which advices they would give to someone starting now. Here is what they said:</p>
<li>Don't take on too much work.</li>
<vertical display_name="A word of advice">
<html url_name="opencraft_a_word_of_advice_1"/>
<video url_name="opencraft_words_of_wisdom_video"/>
<html url_name="opencraft_words_of_wisdom_text"/>
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