diff --git a/html/opencraft_a_word_of_advice_1.html b/html/opencraft_a_word_of_advice_1.html index 921d6546e78891c3624f6e1be1be027003be3a09..4c47aca0fb8b2ad690726fa7f14efeb805875734 100644 --- a/html/opencraft_a_word_of_advice_1.html +++ b/html/opencraft_a_word_of_advice_1.html @@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ and ensure we stay within project budgets, not to monitor individual performance. Log all the hours, even if they don't feel legitimate - or you are going to resent it in the long term. - Also, clients don't see the individual log messages. + Also, clients don't see the individual log messages - they only see the title + of the tickets on which the time is logged.
  • Individual performance is actually measured on elements like communication, diff --git a/html/opencraft_words_of_wisdom_text.html b/html/opencraft_words_of_wisdom_text.html index 7ca85f8bae4171fe158f147126720c647a1e3442..05794093174b12fbb24937fec719b2bf232b7e80 100644 --- a/html/opencraft_words_of_wisdom_text.html +++ b/html/opencraft_words_of_wisdom_text.html @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@

    Words of Wisdom


    The following are the words of wisdom that were used to make the OpenCraft's Words of Wisdom video.


    We asked developers who went successfully through the onboarding phase, which advices they would give to someone starting now. Here is what they said: