1. 16 Mar, 2022 2 commits
  2. 15 Oct, 2021 1 commit
  3. 12 Oct, 2021 1 commit
  4. 02 Apr, 2021 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'gabor/revamp-accounting-service' into 'master' · 55b46ff8
      Daniel Clemente Laboreo authored
      [SE-4218] Revamp accounting service
      See merge request !26
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      refactor: revamp accounting serv. to work locally · 0e5f53a3
      Boros Gábor authored
      fix: update lock file and pin setuptools in Dockerfile
      refactor: use unique container names
      build: refactor docker image build and update python dependencies
      refactor: add asgi config
      refactor: update urls to respect new django namespace requirements
      chore: bump requirements
      refactor: replace uvicorn as asgi supported in django 3
      fix: serving static files when debug is true
      refactor: replace environment files
      feat: add docker ignore
      remove: delete non-docker devenv related files
      fix: add missing migrations
      remove: unused asgi
      refactor: ensure settings are referencing new env files
      fix: update django translations
      refactor: update coveragerc settings
      refactor: update Makefiles
      refactor: merge configuration files
      build: refactor the way docker images built
      fix: add and update dependencies
      remove: delete prospector config as it is not used anymore
      refactor: fix naming issues
      chore: update copyright dates
      tests: add pre-commit configuration
      chore: adjust black config
      docs: update README with more detailed instructions
      build: add pre-commit testing to makefile
      refactor: move postgres compose dependencies
      ci: replace ci configuration
      ci: install pipenv for tests
      feat: add destroy make target
      refactor: change test env settings
      ci: remove empty line
      ci: use string instead of boolean
      ci: fix postgres secrets
      refactor: replace postgres passwords
      refactor: rename jira link
      docs: update comments for docker-compose :z flag
      docs: edxted docker-compose with more comments
      docs: fix startup command
      fix: ensure .secrets exists before any docker target run
      docs: highlight that pre-commit is optional
      docs: refactor docs to be more user friendly
      docs: extend readme with the default address of the service
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      Merge pull request #6 from open-craft/uman/invoice · 3624a07f
      Uman Shahzad authored
      Implement invoice back-end
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      Implement the invoice back-end. · 72c42f9b
      Uman Shahzad authored
      * Change copyright date range to 2017-2018.
      * Add translation targets in Makefile.
      * Rename some Makefile commands to make it easier to type.
      * Add locale files from translation command.
      * Use `runserver_plus` since we can.
      * Keep the `media` folder.
        Allows us to not have to make it explicitly later in deployment,
        for example.
      * Use wkhtmltopdf.
        This package translates HTML (+ CSS) into a PDF file.
        We might also need its actual binary because the debian
        package may not have full functionality, according to
        their website.
      * Use `pip-tools` for our requirements.
        Much easier to manage dependencies!
      * Move `Address` out to its own app.
        It's used commonly by other apps, so this is a good thing!
      * Common UUID model, rearrange Bank model, and custom User model.
        UUID Model
          - Subclassed by all models that need UUIDs as fields.
        Bank Model
          - We erase many fields that would make maintaining the
            system difficult. Instead, put them in a JSONField.
            Also move VAT out to the user model.
        User Model
          - Add a customized user model with a `full_name` field.
      * Add factories and a convenient management command.
      * Implement invoice app which can:
        1. Download worklogs from JIRA.
        2. Generate a PDF invoice given HTML/CSS.
        3. Upload the PDF to GDrive to a specific folder.
        To do this we require some customizations to clients
        for third party APIs, so we add a `third_party_api`
        application for that customization.
      * Change `VATIN` to `VAT number`, for clarity.
      * Update README with instructions for new integrations.
      * Change the postgres > 9.4-specific JSONField to a generic one.
      * Use `ValidateModelMixin` and `TimeStampedModel` everywhere.
      * Use transferwise recipient ID and a general JSON field.
        We simplify bank account details this way.
      * Store PDF path locally.
      * Make PDF URL be saved.
      * Add admin email handler.
      * Disable all views.
        This is until we actually need them.
  18. 16 Dec, 2017 2 commits
    • Uman Shahzad's avatar
      Merge pull request #5 from open-craft/uman/auth · 41d076ce
      Uman Shahzad authored
      Implement authentication and registration back-end
    • Uman Shahzad's avatar
      Add auth and registration back-end. · ab7ef955
      Uman Shahzad authored
      In addition, do a little more reorganization and improvement of setup.
      - Put all requirements into 1 file for easy reference and management.
      - Make Procfiles so that we can use honcho.
      - Add debian package list which will be necessary for deployment.
      - Add a bunch of make targets for easy handling of docker.
      - Update environmental files to match some new settings.
      - Add isort configuration.
      - Add the accounting app.
      - Add authentication app.
      - Add banking app.
      - Blank invoice app.
      - Add registration app.
      - Update app settings & urls for new apps.
      - Make CircleCI hold venv in home folder.
        Otherwise it runs coverage checks on all installed dependencies!
      - Finish up the registration view.
      - Handle multiple hourly rate case.
      - Quality errors and update migrations.
      - Add the ability to create account, address, and hourly rate.
      - Allow bank addresses to be blank.
      - Update bank models to display properly in admin.
  19. 08 Dec, 2017 2 commits
  20. 07 Dec, 2017 1 commit