Commit 908c2bbc authored by Daniel Lenski's avatar Daniel Lenski

finesse the URL-decoding of the GP login args

Unsurprisingly, it's messier than I thought it was.  Some of them definitely
need to be URL-decoded, and some definitely shouldn't be.
#147 (comment 429943037)Signed-off-by: Daniel Lenski's avatarDaniel Lenski <[email protected]>
parent 767f47e5
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......@@ -334,11 +334,13 @@ static int parse_login_xml(struct openconnect_info *vpninfo, xmlNode *xml_node,
if (value && (!value[0] || !strcmp(value, "(null)") || !strcmp(value, "-1"))) {
value = NULL;
} else {
/* XX: The usage of URL encoding in the fields sent by GP servers here is
* inconsistent, but in particular the value "%28empty_domain%29" keeps popping up
* in places where the server expects "(empty_domain)" (like the stupidly redundant
* logout operation). So we do this to be safe and to ensure logout succeeds.
} else if (arg->save) {
/* XX: Some of the fields returned here (e.g. portal-*cookie) should NOT be
* URL-decoded in order to be reused correctly, but the ones which get saved
* into "cookie" must be URL-decoded. They will be needed for the (stupidly
* redundant) logout parameters. In particular the domain value "%28empty_domain%29"
* appears frequently in the wild, and it needs to be decoded here for the logout
* request to succeed.
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