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fixes ISSUE-45594: Illegal reflective access in Weld fails in JDK16+

Asier Lostalé requested to merge openbravo/devel/openbravo:fr/45594-weld into master

Current weld version (3.1.1) has WELD-2662 [1] bug, which causes an illegal access which prevents tests executions in JDK16+ due to an stronger encapsulation implemented by JEP 396 [2].

It gets fixed by updating weld: 3.1.1 -> 3.1.7

Note the following transitive dependencies are not included:

  • weld-probe-core: it is a tool for developers
  • jboss-el-api: not required (inclued in src-test as a dependency for arquillian).
  • jboss-logging: included in core's lib/runtime as Hibernate dependency

[1] [2]

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