Commit b1f0bd62 authored by Cristian Berner's avatar Cristian Berner 💎 Committed by Asier Lostalé
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Fixes ISSUE-45177: filter field hover not escaping String

Filter field in grid view was not escaping the sequence of chars. It was
using the provided String as is. This fixes it by escaping the String
provided, similar to how Cell hover tooltip in grid is handled.
parent 1c3a6119
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
* under the License.
* The Original Code is Openbravo ERP.
* The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Openbravo SLU
* All portions are Copyright (C) 2011-2019 Openbravo SLU
* All portions are Copyright (C) 2011-2020 Openbravo SLU
* All Rights Reserved.
* Contributor(s): ______________________________________.
......@@ -376,7 +376,7 @@ isc.OBFKFilterTextItem.addProperties({
itemHoverHTML: function() {
return this.getElementValue();
return this.getElementValue().asHTML();
mapValueToDisplay: function(value) {
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