Commit b076b613 authored by Cristian Berner's avatar Cristian Berner 💎
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Fixes ISSUE-45156: Fix Trial Report links generating a Java exception on click

Trial Report links were failing because "FIND" command was not allowed
in Menu class allowed commands. It has been fixed by adding "FIND" to allowed commands.
parent af7eafae
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ public class Menu extends HttpSecureAppServlet {
private String getTargetMenu(VariablesSecureApp vars, String queryString)
throws ServletException {
final String[] allowedCommands = { "", "DEFAULT", "NEW", "EDIT", "GRID", "DIRECT", "DIRECT2" };
final String[] allowedCommands = { "", "DEFAULT", "NEW", "EDIT", "GRID", "DIRECT", "DIRECT2", "FIND" };
final ValueListFilter listFilter = new ValueListFilter(allowedCommands);
final String command = vars.getStringParameter("Command", listFilter);
final String url = vars.getStringParameter("url");
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